Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's a cup?

Whole Wheat Pasta with vegetables, in a nice red sauce with plump tomatoes, was one of the choices at dinner last night. When it arrived to the table Sister T. (yes, I really was eating dinner with nuns) made the comment, "That isn't a cup?"

So I thought I would make some comments about portion control today............................

  • Your diet books and package labels offer serving sizes as a guide; a suggestion. You are allowed to take more (or less). The key is overall daily portion control and a well balanced diet. But you already knew that, right?
  • You can always take things home, leave them on the plate, or toss them in the garbage. But you already knew that, right?
  • Pull out your food scale and measuring cups every so often and do a reasonableness or reality check. Perhaps you'll find a clue to happiness. But you already knew that, right?
  • Portion sizes tend to increase over time which is why you also need to pull out those measuring tools every so often. But you're already doing that, right?
  • Buying Warehouse Club sizes of food is not always a savings. But you are or once were a walking poster child of those “savings”, right?
  • Eating off a salad plate is for wusses! You like food. That is how you got fat. If you wanted to eat off a salad plate you wouldn’t be turning to this blog. So fill that big ole 9" plate up with food. Eat off a charger. Out of a trough. Just change what is on the plate. For example, prepare a shrimp or scallop stir-fry and tell the family to get lost; the entire wok-full of food is yours! For some odd reason dieters immediately think they have to slash their portions. I disagree. I think we need to find substitutes that are going to yield large portions and deliver weight loss success. I've got to believe that you would rather eat more and lose weight than eat less and be cranky, whiny, and pissy after a lunch of one cracker, a lettuce leaf, and a scoop of plain tuna.
  • Go on a quest to find foods and recipes that provide large portions, but don't provide large numbers of calories, fat grams, points or whatever else you are counting. For example, Jennie-O Turkey Bacon is 20 calories a slice – and it is good! But you're already doing that too, right?
  • It’s called a portion, not a ration. Stop playing martyr!
  • Split a portion. It’s better than splitting your pants.

Well that’s enough thoughts on portion control. I hope I’ve offered you something to ponder.

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