Thursday, February 14, 2008

It doesn't matter if he or she loves you today

It doesn't matter if he or she loves you today. It doesn't matter what they give you, where they take you, or what they do for you. It doesn't matter.

On this day of love, how about showing some love for you; something so many forget to do almost regularly?
Go buy yourself that new outfit you've been eyeing. Or get some bubble bath and soak in a tub for an hour. Perhaps sit in a candlelit room for a half hour and let your mind just wander and explore possibilities. Go see a movie by yourself - Rambo was great! Dress to the 10's today - dressing to the nines is for others. Be really daring and sign up last minute for the last spot for the Retreat From Your Weight Loss - we're going snowshoeing. Whether you're alone or with someone cook up an incredible dinner for two - if you're alone invite someone over - and if they're of the same sex tell them not to get all weirded out; you're just doing something nice. And if you have romantic interest in them that's cool too!

So whether you're single, married, partnered, dating, engaged, unhappily married, happily divorced, tied-down, or knocked up........................ Show yourself some love today. You not only owe it to yourself, you deserve it!

Happy Valentine’s Day My Skinnies!

I'm spending Valentine's Day with mom. Aren't I a good son? (When I get home it will be a Bailey's evening)


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