Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where did all that orange marmalade come from?

Last night I found my way to the back of the refrigerator only to find two unopened jars of orange marmalade.

Did you know that orange marmalade and soy sauce makes a great marinade for grilled salmon?

Did you know that a bit or orange marmalade is a great substitute to the butter that you used to add to mashed butternut squash.

And did you know that steamed green beans with orange marmalade would have been too excessive.

Well here you have it……………. A dinner fit for a king (or queen if you’re a girl); it was mine last night. Total cooking time 20 minutes.

Have you got 20 minutes to prepare a restaurant-like meal?

Do you know any other uses for orange marmalade? (And please no lame ones like spread some on toast)
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At 11:12 AM, Anonymous skinny fan said...

Orange marmalade on pancakes instead of syrup.

Orange marmalade in oatmeal to give it a little kick.



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