Monday, February 11, 2008

Ahoy Captain!

It's happened to us all...............a childhood memory that brought back a food memory.

Mine....................Hush Puppies at Long John Silver's.

So knowing that people are probably getting sick of their deprivation diets by now; as is evident by the reduction in diet commercials on television (or my further reduction of time in front of the TV), the fast food companies have moved in. And there it was.......... the Long John Silver's ad. Didn't even think they were around any longer, much less so close to my home.

So I pulled out of Lowe's; turned left (or Bleft according to my Garmin) and there it was in big letters on a marquee outside the store.........

Rich, Your Hush Puppies Are Waiting For You
I guess it was time for my once, maybe twice, per year fast food experience.
Well, the hush puppies sucked, the lobster bites were the nastiest things I have ever eaten - ever - and the grease that was absorbed on the napkin just validated little point #9 in my book Yes You’re Fat. I Like You Anyway! about artery clogging.
The good news; I didn't have to go run a marathon to burn off the calories. The food sucked. I'd rather waste the money than waste the time I was going to spend feeling sad or sick. I chucked the food. What would you have done?
And the next childhood memory I have better be out moving a bit more.


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