Saturday, February 02, 2008

Giants, Patriots and Skinnies!

Okay I grew up in NY; live in CT; have a vacation home in MA...........which leads to a very tough decision. Do I cheer on the Giants or the Pats? It's enough to make me want to eat 7-layer Mexican Dip; of course remove the guacamole - it looks like baby poop or boogers.

Yep, tomorrow is the Super Bowl; a day of eating for many. What's on your menu? Pizza? 6-foot sub? Wings? Eat all of that and you'll be visiting a Super Bowl - if you know what I mean.

So how about..........
  • A Super Bowl of popcorn; seasoned with hot or sweet spices
  • A Super Bowl of soup
  • A Super Bowl of fruit
  • A Super Bowl of roasted veggies
  • A Super Bowl of a seltzer based punch
  • A Super Bowl of shrimp cocktail
  • A Super Bowl of salsa and veggies
  • A Super Bowl of sorbet
  • A Super Bowl of fat-free, sugar free pudding
  • A Super Bowl of teriyaki chicken pieces
  • A Super Bowl of salad

And of course some of the other stuff.

Just a bunch of ideas to keep your Super Bowl in check. Frankly who cares which team wins the Super Bowl; the only winner I care about is you!

Go Pats! Uh, I mean Go Giants! Uh, I mean


I'm cheering you on!


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