Thursday, February 07, 2008

Help the Economy; Kill a Skinny Person Today

Okay, how messed up is this; some crackpot has determined that thin people actually have higher health costs than fat people.

And why?

They live longer.

So here you are eating right and exercising; doing your best to go from obese to overweight to recognizable to rail size; and now someone is suggesting that healthcare is going to cost you more if you get or stay skinny.

Hillary, are you listening. There are a whole bunch of Skinnies who plan on living a long time and they're going to need more money for health care; this universal health care thing better work if you become President.

And in the meantime, go out and sit on a Skinny person today - you're gonna need their money.

Read the article: Stay fat; it is good for the economy or better yet, do your part to get skinny and increase health costs


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous JUDE said...

Hey Rich,
GOod morning! Remember me, Judith from Southbury? I signed up for you Dinner on February 26th. I'll ask my cute husband if he wants to come with me.
I like your blog. I have been considering doing one.


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