Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dodging Snowmobiles and Running From Wolves

Well we got our exercise this weekend; we dodged snowmobiles, went swimming in an icy river, and defended ourselves against a wolf………………..And lived to write about it.

Okay, it wasn't that extreme. The snowmobile drivers were polite and willing to share the greenway with us snowshoers. The river was more like a stream and Rich only got slightly wet when he fell through the ice; and the wolf turned out to be a Shepherd-Husky mix, whose owner came along shortly after our little "Cujo" episode.

It was a group of single people and empty nesters. We realized we had lots in common with each other. We spent the weekend laughing with and at each other. We found out who had cooking abilities and who had none. We found out who had all their own teeth and who did not. We found out who the more coordinated were. We had beginners, intermediates, and pros. We helped each other along and stuck with each other when the going got a little tough. We took the path less traveled and wandered and explored the unknown woods with excitement and adventure. We talked about food only when it was time to eat. We weren't thinking about when the next meal was and what it was going to be; but when it was time to eat, we ate well - healthy. We stuck a birthday candle in berries and whipped cream instead of a cake.

And this has to do with what?????

Who we spend time with influences our size, our health, our attitude and our self-worth. Who are you spending time with and what are you spending your time doing? Are you only getting together to eat? Next time you're invited to get together for lunch or dinner or drinks I dare you to invite that person to get together for a run, or a hike, or a weekend away of fun! I dare you. I double dare you.
Leave the food and the butt on a trail somewhere.


At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Kris said...

You forgot to mention the part about almost having to call the fire dept.... Speaking from a beginners point of view, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend (other than the snow-filled drive up there). The conditions and scenery were awesome, the company was great, cooking was generally done as a group and was always laughter filled, and the B&B was beyond accommodating and homey. I found an activity I enjoy, got some new food ideas, and made some contacts I hope to keep in touch with. And I have to admit - it was nice to take the emphasis off food and planning what the next meal would be. Thanks Rich - great job! People don't know what they missed!

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fearless leader done good! looking forward to some mini-meetups and perhaps the hiking weekend.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Jean said...

Well, I can't top what Kris and Claudia said, so I won't even try. It was an amazing experience...teamwork, or should I say "teamfun" all the way. From our snowshoeing adventures to our healthy food to doing the dishes, we were always laughing and having fun. And I tried spaghetti squash for the first time and loved it!!! And sweet potatoes a new way and still don't like them. But, hey, one out of two ain't bad. Way to go Rich!!!


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