Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change Change Change

Seems to be a buzzword in politics these days.

I was listening to the news on the way home last night and there was a very funny piece on how many times Obama said the word change in his speech. However, he did not tell us what he was going to change or how he was going to change things. But he is certain that change is coming and is needed.

Now for the slower ones reading this, this piece is not an attack on Obama, just a comment on a radio news piece. But it did get me thinking............................

It's like when dieters say they need to be more determined. Determined about what? Or when they say they need to be focused? Focused on doing what? Or when they need to be more committed. Committed to what?

How about offering some specifics!

How about this for a start……………… I am committed and determined to finding two new activities that I enjoy. To do this I will participate in one new activity every two weeks. I will start by turning to my local park and recreation department or checking out Rich’s Meetup on Wednesday evening.

So for all you dieters out there, you have two choices – to get your act together and get Skinny or to pursue a career in politics; after all, you're great at making vague promises and commitments to yourselves.


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