Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just because it is good for you.......................

Couscous is easy to make; a moron can do this one.
Couscous appears to be a healthier choice versus white rice or pasta
Couscous is an alternative to other carby-starchy-grains that seem to round out a meal.

But what if you think Couscous sucks?

Don't eat it stupid!

I know exercise is good for me; but I am not, I repeat not, getting on a treadmill. It ain't gonna happen. No way. No how. I found other options.

So when my friend started telling me he is eating couscous but hates it, it leaves him unfulfilled (as an aside, I feel unfulfilled at times; but not about couscous), I ask him why he eats it.

His response: "It is good for me."

My response was that in the long run it is not going to be good for you; your attitude about weight loss and weight manangement will take a dive.

No lie, ten minutes later...............We're sitting and talking and he tells me he is going next door to see if his neighbor has any cookies.

I chuckled. Guess what he made himself to round out his fish dinner last night!

I left and went home to bed.



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