Saturday, March 01, 2008

Extremist Crazies are Everywhere!

She lost 28 lbs and the minute she "went off her diet" she gained it all back.

Familiar with this? Is this you?

Could it have something to do with this:

Breakfast when on her diet: Oatmeal or egg substitute omelet and some fruit
Breakfast when off her diet: Bagel with Cream cheese

Lunch when on her diet: Salad or some low-fat soup
Lunch when off her diet: a Sandwich (processed meats)

Stop I said. I didn't even want to get to dinner. I was feeling deprived and wanting to slit my wrists just listening to this.

It made total sense to me, it was that extreme dieting thing.

So I suggested 1/2 a bagel with some fruit or eggs. I suggested half a sandwich and a salad. Do you get my point?

Extreme dieting does not work.
Extreme dieting gets you fat.
Extreme dieting makes you crabby.
Extreme dieting lasts for just so long and then you get sick of eating grass, sticks and cardboard.
Extreme dieting is all about martyrdom.

Stop being an extremist! We have the government to take care of that!


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