Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Think I Can Lose 10 lbs by Labor Day?

That was the question from a friend of mine just last night.

He is going away next weekend and wants to lose ten pounds. Oh, I'll bet you thought Labor Day, as in September 3rd. He's talking next Thursday as in August 30th!

So I responded I guess you can - if you take dumb, stupid approaches - like starving; or spending the next eight days at the gym. And even that is no guarantee.

So Jim proceeded to tell me how fat he has gotten via an old familiar summer friend that many of us know so, so, so well! ALCOHOL!

Now first of all he is like ten feet tall, so the fact that he gained ten pounds and notices it, made me smile. Usually ten pounds on the Jolly Green Giant (are you eating those veggies this week?) isn’t obvious; but he feels it. Hooray for the shorter people. Feel our pain. So I suggested this…………….

Why not cut the booze until you go away? Why not play some basketball which you love so much? Why not hop on your bike and ride a few miles with me this week? I'll pick you up near the end of my ride when I'm tired. But most importantly, how about you stop obsessing about the ten pounds and just start doing things that will remove it?

He left my house with some ideas and some things to ponder. That’s all I could offer him. That’s all I can really ever offer people………………things to ponder. You then have to decide what to do with it.

But I am curious………..for those of you who have been reading this blog, what things have I left you to ponder? Leave a comment.

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