Friday, August 10, 2007

You would have thought they were giving away gold

I walked into Costco this morning at 10:01 AM. There was a crowd around a table; they were pushing and shoving - easily 25 people trying to get near a six foot long table. I was wondering what was going on but I went on my merry way. By the time I had walked out of the next aisle the crowd had become smaller and then I saw what they were pushing and shoving each other for.........................

Pieces of pound cake and cookies.

Yes, each person was digging their hands into a container, one after another, to get that cookie or piece of cake. They were not individually placed, you had to reach into a container. But you would have thought they were giving away gold the way crowd stood there waiting.

Well here is what I think they were giving away - germs and boogers. All those hands dipping into the same container - several children; and who knows where those hands have been.

Well that's how I talk my way out of free samples. I also look at the size of the people grabbing. And u? What strategies do you use to talk yourself out of samples your waistline surely do not need?

Oh, five minutes later I saw another crowd. They were killing each other for pizza.


At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever since my Mom told me the story about how you feel about those "FREE" samples at COSTCO, or STEW LEONARDS, etc., I stay away from those "GERM" factories.


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