Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where bad habits begin

My kids are skinny. They can eat cookies.
My kids are skinny. They can eat chips.

No, I didn't get drunk, do something dumb and find my long lost family. The words above are words I hear from people all the time.

Well I was skinny too. So mom thought nothing of feeding me and allowing me to eat grape juice and chocolate donuts for breakfast. Mom thought nothing of sugar-laden cereals.

Fast forward, I got fat.

Now it is easy to blame my fatness on being sedentary. It is easy to blame on portion size. It was easy to blame it on schedule.

But what about the habits I picked up as a child. I learned that sugar was okay. I learned that running to the bus stop with something in my hand was okay. I learned to not sit and enjoy my meals. I learned that as long as there are quick, easy, grabby type foods on this planet I do not have to prepare a meal.

I also learned how to get a big stomach and several chins.

So I ask you this today…………..What habits did you learn as a child that you're trying to defeat? Is there a huge step you can take to reverse all those years? Do it.

And how many of you reading this today should have your children taken away from you because you are doing the same things?


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