Friday, July 20, 2007

The Crab Meat Experiment

So I played with the crabmeat last night.

I dropped about 10 -12 baby carrots and a package of crab meat (I think it was one lb) into the food processor. That was it. I added dill, black sesame seeds and seafood seasoning. I made 2 patties and put them on the grill. They were quite good. They didn't suck!

Then I made about 1o little crab-meat-balls. They're in the fridge right now. I'm thinking of cooking them for breakfast with some eggs. Won't eat them all, but thinking what a great snack they might be to pop into my mouth during the day. Better than all of that processed snack crap we tend to eat

So how about you? Did you try something new yesterday? Will you today? Tomorrow? Some time in this century? Decade?

From the looks of some of you it might be helpful! :)


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