Sunday, July 08, 2007

The other day a friend of mine told me about a new flavor of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's - Cinnamon Bun.

So while walking down the street I felt obligated to walk into a Ben & Jerry's store and check out the description of the flavor. I mean, let's face it.......................their descriptions are enough to add ten pounds around your midsection. (Don't you just hate how the power of suggestion works. Too bad it doesn't happen for lettuce.)

We walked in. We read the description. Sounded good, but I had just left a restaurant feeling a bit stuffed. So we walked out.

Ae we walked out two women were walking into the store. My friend says to them, "We don't really need it."

"Neither do we" was her response. But they went in anyway. We waited to see if they came out empty handed.

But here is my question for you................What foods do you eat that you really don't need?


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