Friday, June 22, 2007

Surprise someone today!

Yesterday I receeived an unexpected note in the mail - thanking me for the encouragement and support along the way to a happy goal weight. It came out of nowhere. It was unexpected. And it was from someone who moved away a while back. Thanks Marcia G.! You made my day (especially when you reminded me how I talked about you in my Audio Program. I forgot about including you - and it seems you were surprised when you bought the program, listened to it and heard me talking about you.)

So let me ask you, the visitor to this blog today..............Who has helped you? Who has encouraged you? Take five minutes out today and thank them (and I don't want it to be me; I know others have been there for you!) Call. Email. Write. Send a singing telegram. Get some goofy office worker to bring that person a diet soda with a note of thanks. Have some fun with it.

Surprise someone today. You and that person will feel like a million bucks.


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