Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday is the new day to start a diet!

I'm starting a new trend. Seems that everyone starts a diet on Monday. Now if you look at the success rate of people who start dieting, it is low, very low. Why is that? Could it be that Monday is just not the right day to start a diet?

Let's look at this............ On Sunday, you're eating burgers and dogs and beer and cake and pies and chocolate and ice cream. Then on Monday you start your diet. Grass. Sticks. Rice Cakes. Water. Exercise. Salad. Except by 3:00 you cave in. It's too radical a change for you after that Sunday fiasco. At 3:00 you start looking for sweets! You're dieting is a done deal by 3:02

So here is my thought. Let Monday be the day you bridge the two extreme days with something that makes sense. Then start your real diet on Tuesday.

And don't forget to pass the word along................................ Rich declares that Tuesday is the new day to start your diet!


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