Thursday, May 24, 2007

Highs and Lows

Isn't it amazing how when things are great, when we are on a high, when life is treating us good, it is easy to stick to our diet, our healthy way of eating?

Then when life sucks, all hell breaks loose, you experience bad news, sad news and disappointing news, your diet gets tossed out the window. After all since we're feeling crappy let's just make it worse.

Paragraph two has been my week thus far. (Now I do not want pity; I just want to make a point.)

In one hour I need to leave to go speak to a corporate group on the topic of growing their businesses. Do you realize how much one can eat in one hour? I am sure you do. And they are feeding me lunch. But I am sure everyone reading this has had two lunches at some point in their life.

Well I think a nice leisurely drive to their meeting might be in order. I'm out the door as soon as I post this. The Costco size box of Yogurt Cheerios is looking way too friendly right now.

But I do ask you this...................Next time your life is sucking, what can you do to get away from the food?

Please think about it now, so the plan is in place.


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