Friday, May 04, 2007

Push-Ups Over The Pacific

It's a long flight from Cincinnati to Honolulu. I was bored. I couldn't sleep. I thought I would come up with an exercise routine. So in addition to walking the plane a few too many times I decided to do Push-Ups Over The Pacific.

It's really very simple. You extend your legs backwards. You lean forward and grab the armrests of the the two seats on the aisle and push up and down. Do as many as you can until it hurts. Then do one more.

Next, you turn around and do tricep exercises by doing this feet forward, grabbing the arm rest and lowering and raising yourself. Do this until it hurts. Then do one more.

So next time you're flying and you need to amuse about a bit of exercise. It'll help work off those cookies they keep coming around with.


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