Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Would you like chips with that?

"Would I like chips with that?" is what she said to me as she was preparing my sandwich the other day.

Of course I would.

But then I had a flashback. All those years of saying yes to questions like "would I like chips" or "would I like dessert" is the reason I had to join Weight Watchers years ago.

Why didn't they just say "Would you like a fat ass, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer with your sandwich?" I think my response might have been different.

So I said no; instead she offered me this pathetic little package of apple slices.

And then I did a little talking to myself and said "Rich, you came in here for a sandwich - that's all."

Please remember all of these add-ons being offered with your meal have only done one thing - ADDED ON TO YOU!!


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

You are so RIGHT. Just got back from a road trip down south. It's hard to find a complex carbohydrate down there. And it's hard to say no to "do you want fries with that?" I succumbed a few times but I did get a chef to substitute olive and and garlic for alfredo sauce [gross!] on a shrimp and scallop special. hooray!


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