Thursday, April 12, 2007

No you can't have it!

"No, you can't have it. Do you want to get fat like Jennie" said the mother to her little daughter in the supermarket the other day.

I was in the next aisle; so I made a mad dash to see what this was all about.

Ah, the little tyrant was crying about not being allowed to buy any candy.

Hooray! A parent who actually gives a damn. Of course some would argue that calling Jennie fat was not PC. But screw that; here's a mom that quite possibly understands that obesity starts at a very young age.

Did you ever wish that your parents had given a damn?

I wish my mother had offered alternatives to chocolate donuts with grape juice and any sugary cereal I chose.

What about you? Are you a parent? An aunt? An uncle? A brother? A sister? Are you setting a good example for a young one in your life?


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