Monday, March 26, 2007

Too Close for Discomfort!

I just left the chiropractor's office. It is Patient Appreciation Day (or as I call it, Patient-Get-A-Fat-Ass Day.) When I entered the lobby I walked into a virtual feast.

There were:
Roll-up sandwiches cut into bite-size pieces (King Kong bites)
Bagels the size of a Frisbee
Coffee Cake - made from scatch (what exactly is scratch?)
More Cheese
Even More Cheese

"Have something."
"Have something."
"Have something."

That's all she kept saying.

I told her I just ate lunch.

"But you have to try the coffee cake, it's unbelievable" she said.

The urge to have esomething was intensifying. The cake looked good. Very good. Too good.

But it's Monday; my day to get back in control.

Don't fight it. If you fight it; it will be worse later.

I grabbed a bunch of grapes!

Phew! Escaped a close one.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm curious - did the word consequences pop into your head at all?


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