Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here's a message from one of you............

Hey Rich!!

You asked - so I'm telling!

Remember I told you a few months ago how I was addicted to "Spinning" (indoor cycling) and that's why I stopped coming to Wednesday evening WW meetings...(sounded like an excuse not to come to meetings didn't it)?

Well, I kicked that addiction up a notch! I became a certified Spinning instructor!!! Now I no longer have to pay for my membership - AND - I get paid teach class twice a week! This from a woman who also works full-time, is married and has two children (one with a disability and health issues!)... So - when you hear those people who say they don't have time for exercise... or they hate to exercise... I say SHUT UP and get off your tush and SWEAT! : )

I couldn't agree with you more Colleen!


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