Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Journey of Emotional Eating

I remember when I was going through my divorce. I thought food would make it all better. Food (and alcohol) would make the hurt go away. It didn’t. But I got FAT(ter)!

I remember when my employer announced the office was being shut down and all operations were being moved to Minnesota. I remember getting caught up in all the negativity around the office. Going out to lunch and eating candy became the answer to being angry with the corporation. I was still left unemployed. And FAT(ter!)

But then I realized that food was not a solution to anger or sadness or happiness for that matter. I worked on changing “The Food Solution” to the “Phone Solution.”

I remember dealing with my dad’s illness and ultimate death. I thought eating would make him better. Dad still died. I got FAT – but temporarily. I picked up the phone and called some friends – regularly. I cried. I expressed my anger. I lost the 8 lbs. that came on in a two week period.

I remember when I needed to stop enabling my drug addicted friend. I could no longer be a part of his denial. I remember when I needed to sever our friendship. It hurt. I wanted to eat. But I realized he needed to help himself and I could not do anything to be helpful. I realized that at the bakery and walked out with only a cup of coffee. I walked out and called some friends.

Then there were the chocolate donuts that looked so good just about 15 months ago – the day I had to let Rover go to Rainbows Bridge. I talked to some friends that day; they let me cry, let me laugh, and let me remember. They didn’t let me get FAT!

I remember when someone who I thought was a good friend lied to me and didn’t have the courage to apologize; even after I offered her the opportunity to discuss what happened. I remember how I at first started to question my judgment in choosing friends. But I never turned to food, never thought of it. Those people have to live with themselves. Those people have to look in the mirror each day. It’s hard enough to change oneself; how can we expect to change others. But I still used the phone solution – just in case – and to talk about the disappointment. It was a great way to let it go and move on; than to have it eat at me.

I remember a time when things ate at me. What happened? I ate. But not any longer. Knowing people in the central, mountain, pacific and Hawaiian time zones helps too!

So if you’re an emotional eater…………..try the phone solution. It’s been part of this 18 year, thirty-plus pound success story. Maybe it will work for you too! It's much better than the food solution.


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