Friday, February 23, 2007

A computer virus that can get you fat

Her name was Melissa. She was a computer virus. A bad virus. A very bad virus. She wreaked havoc on computers in 1999. Do you remember her?

I remember her.

I remember her so well that today I was awarded a free donut for answering a trivia question about her. I declined the donut. I decline the donut most of the time. But it is fun to stop at this donut shop in Eastern CT for a cup of coffee and test my knowledge with the trivia question of the day. Every correct answer gets a free donut.

Or a fat butt.

Always food is not always freeing.


At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so true. Take the new promo for TGIF restaurants (and other similar chains)- appetizer, dinner and dessert for one low price. Normally if I eat there I only order dinner. But for $1 or $2 more you can get an appetizer and dessert - how can you say no???? It's like getting something for free!! It's really a conscious decision to say no. My new approach - stay away from restaurants like that all together. Why even tempt myself?


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