Monday, March 19, 2007

Should you stop eating after 7:00 PM?

Should you stop eating after 7:00 PM?

Some experts says no. Some say yes. I say screw what the experts say. Do what works for you and what fits into your life. The day your diet starts being dictated by all these "experts," you're sunk.

My schedule is such that several days per week I eat at 8:00 PM. My 32 lbs has been off for 18 years. What do all you experts say about that?

And this doesn't just go for eating at night. It goes for all the crazy information out there. Time of day you should exercise? Not eating certain foods after a certain time? Do what works for you.

But if you think you might benefit from not eating after 7:00 PM or any of the other so-called "expert advice", then give it a try. But don't let your life be controlled by information that has not been validated in 100% of cases.


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