Saturday, March 31, 2007

Does Everything You Use Involve Exertion?

What a great day it was here in CT. Sunny. Crisp Air. Perfect for getting out on my Trikke.

I stopped to talk to some neighbors as I was heading back to my house and one of them asked if everything I use involves exertion? I asked if everything he uses involves a key or batteries or an engine? We all chuckled.

But four of us were talking and it became quite apparent that the thin neighbors (I’m one of them) exercise or don’t take the lazy way out. We wash our own cars. We walk our dogs. We ride a bike or a Trikke, play basketball, run, and water ski just as some examples. And the people who need to lose “a few” drive the boats, go to the car wash, let the dog crap on the lawn and bake cookies.

So let me ask you a question……….Are you a batteries included or batteries not included person?

I’m glad I went out Trikke-ing today - not just for the exercise.


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