Friday, April 13, 2007

Every day!

I just returned from walking the dogs. I ran into two of my neighbors. They were out walking. I was actually shocked to see one of them. She is normally a get out bed at noon type person (after the hangover subsides).

So I commented on how I have never seen her out and about at this hour of the day (it was 6:20 AM). She reminded me of the conversation we had a few weeks ago where she said she wanted to lose weight. And then she said "We're out here every morning."

I was just about to say "that's fantastic" when she continued with "we started yesterday."

It was kinda funny, but it gets you thinking.....................

So I leave you with this challenge..............What new better action or healthy choice can you make this morning, today or this evening?

Can you do it again tomorrow?

Then you too can feel the power of using the phrase "every morning or every day"

Now go get Skinny!


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