Saturday, April 28, 2007

Can Your Job Help You Lose Weight?

Imagine if your job didn’t allow you to eat? Or drink? Imagine if your job dictated your caloric intake. Would you be skinnier?

Last night while sitting at dinner there was a table of men in dark suits right next to me and my friend. There were ten of them; and one woman. So we were trying to figure out what and who they were. First we thought funeral directors. They had that look. Then I thought a men’s church group – except the woman made no sense.

They were not drinking – only soda. So I started being nosy and listening to the conversations. 10 men. Dark suits. Italian restaurant. Hmmmmmmmmmm………..

No comments being made about business. Didn’t hear names like Guido or Vinnie or Carmine.

Then I heard one of them say “no drinking while we’re driving.”

Turns out they were all limo drivers. The limos were parked around the back of the building. They were killing time while their customers were at another party.

It was kinda fun keeping myself occupied with my imagination. Kept my mind off the delicious bread and parmesan/garlic/oil mixture that was served.

But getting back to the first paragraph. I don’t think so. In the end it’s about self-control, better choices and getting off your butt and moving a bit (as was evident by the limo driver crowd). Don’t you agree? And should you be doing that right now?

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P.S. Have you tried sliced beets and hummus on whole grain bread? It's delicious.


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