Friday, April 20, 2007

Did you lose more weight?

Last week a colleague of mine asked me if I lost more weight.

I informed her no. I still weigh pretty much the same as I did when I saw her three months ago; which is about the same as I weighed eighteen years ago after losing thirty-plus pounds.

Well she said it must be what I was wearing. Her words were "you look reaaaaallllllly good"

Damn - my secret is out.

C'mon folks don't you have clothes that make you look skinny, hot, sexy, and desirable. If you don't, go get some. What an ego booster. And what a better time of year!

Of course, her comments changed my choice when the waiter stopped by to take our order.

Thanks Lynn!


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rich!
I agree, the style clothes a person wears does wonders....After I lost 38lbs and still holding it off after 2 years, I have have fun purchasing fun flirty clothes (and I get lots of looks and comments). I can't afford a brand new outfit (at least at one purchase) so now I have become a great consignment shop buyer. I feel great!
Thanks Rich, I miss your meetings in Middletown at lunch time!!


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