Monday, April 23, 2007

Is This Another Sign of Success?

I'm always looking for signs of weight loss success. Some are obvious. Some are subtle. Some are missed. Personally, I think too many are missed. I've always believed that each and every day provides opportunity for you to pat yourself on the back and say "good for me!"

So the other night I was out to dinner and I noticed something. I could care less about what was on the menu. I genuinely was more excited about being with my friend. It was new restaurant, with an incredible menu; and I was having a hard time choosing something - and not because it all sounded so good..............but because I was more excited by the company. I wasn’t there to eat. I was there to have fun.

Is this another sign on weight loss success? I'll let you decide.

Or better yet, how about taking careful note today of all your successes. They're abundant. I am sure.


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