Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I hate the Girls Scouts.

I hate them.

I hate them. I wish my two nieces would just grow up already and stop selling those stupid cookies.

I hate the Girl Scouts.

It is their fault I ate almost a full sleeve of thin mints last night.

Huh? What?

Well you see, my little puppy had a fight with a cat last night. She lost. Now she has an eye injury. So being frustrated and upset I did what I know how to do best, but only do on a rare occasion - I turned to food. Thin Mints.

Yes folks, all these years later I can still use food to fix things. Or so I think. Maybe it's time I open up my copy of Yes You're Fat I Like You Anyway and pick up a few helpful reminders. My baby still has an injury and I'm feeling like crap this morning. The cookies fixed things, right?

But I do know this. A little bit of reading and a little bit of writing about my feelings usually helps make it all go away and clears my mind.

So I'm moving on. I did it. It's over. There's nothing I can do. The pup will get better.

Do you ever use food to fix the ills of your life? What strategies do you use to move on?

And as for the Girl Scouts, I don't hate them. It was my choice to buy the cookies. It was my choice to leave them visible. It was my choice to eat the cookies.


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