Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fat Deserves a Vacation Too!

I remember a long time ago reading a quote/line that says Fat Does Not Take A Vacation.

Well too bad, as far as I am concerned. It should.

I just returned from vacation and I know my weight is up. I know why my weight is up. I know exactly how it happened, where it happened and why it happened. And I do not care.

What I do care about is knowing I have all the resources to get back in control - today. That is what is important. Knowing that a little backslide is not permanent damage. That is what is important.

Summer is fast approaching and perhaps you too will be vacationing. Don't let your weight issue be the issue that spoils your vacation. I know you have the resources to pull it all together.

It's good to be back and writing again!


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