Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Instead of; Not In Addition To

Just returned from a few days locked in a conference room brainstorming with some colleagues. We do this quarterly. There are always way too many snacks in the room.

Last time we were together one of my colleagues was eating Weight Watchers one-point bars. This time she was eating Nutri-System and South Beach snacks. She is always trying to lose weight – unsuccessfully.

Now if you can’t tell your friends the truth, who can you tell?

So I commented on her new choices and questioned the purpose of eating them (and paying the high prices) if she was going to be sitting in the room eating peanuts and M&M’s and chocolate and crackers.

To which another colleague added (without missing a beat), “You're supposed to eat them instead of, not in addition to.” The timing was so perfect, that the three of us could not stop laughing.

So here is my question for you…………..What items/products are you buying to convince yourself you’re on a diet?


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

100 calorie snack packs - work great unless you eat all 6 of them in one sitting!


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