Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just Use Some Common Sense

Had a great conversation with a friend yesterday. She was seriously considering gastric bypass or a lap band procedure. Dieting just does not seem to work for her. Come to think of it, dieting really doesn't work for most people.

After all of the testing, she had to make a decision as to which way to go. She talked the pros and cons of each with her doctor and decided to use common sense instead.

She said, "Rich, if I want to live, there are just some things I need to accept and start doing. I do not need a procedure. "

And so she started using common sense - one common sense idea is actually eating meals. She's been doing it for weeks now and has lost a few pounds.

As we sat and had 4th of July cocktails and snacks, she and I had one drink; we avoided the olives, cheese and tortilla chip; and watch the others get bigger tummies and butts.

I like the common sense diet. And you?

Where can common sense escalate your weight loss efforts?


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