Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can You Walk Better?

Seems that the exercise of choice for most dieters/overweight people is walking.

So in my never ending battle to get you to improve your health and well-being I have a question for you.....................................

Can you walk better?

Now just in case you're wondering what I am talking about let me use this example:

  • I ride a bicycle. I have a computer on my bicycle that tells me how fast I have gone, how far I am riding, how much time I have actually spent pedaling versus stopped, my fastest speed and my average speed. (It has some other features as well.) Often times when I go out riding I try to beat the last rides results. Call it a competition with myself.

Walkers, you have a similar tool. It is called a pedometer. Do you have one? Should you get one? Could a little friendly competition with yourself be beneficial to your rear?


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