Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Should you walk better?

So yesterday I asked you a question..............Can you walk better?

Today, I'll take it further. I'll ask....... Should you walk better.

A woman whined to me yesterday. She walks six miles every day and is seeing no results. She walks two miles three times per day. Now I realize that some of you reading this are wondering where in the world she has all this time to take three walks when you have no time to pee, but that is not important here.

Her walks take about forty minutes. That has been consistent.

That could also be the problem. At some point in time it should be taking thirty-five minutes or thirty minutes. Or at some point in time you should be able to cover 2.5 miles or 3 miles in forty minutes.

Bottom line, at some point in time your workout will require less effort; and the results you see will diminish.

So should you walk, bike, hike, blade, kayak, swim or gym better?

What do you think?


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