Monday, August 20, 2007

The number 11 bus

Today, or some day very soon, I am asking you to consider ditching the car and use the number 11 bus instead.

The number 11 bus????? Read on.............

Many years ago I met a comical waiter at a Chinese restaurant in New Milford, CT. I remember him telling me he had no car but relied on the number 11 bus to get everywhere.

Everywhere? One bus goes everywhere?

I knew bus routes were numbered, but I highly doubted that one bus went everywhere. So I inquired.

And then this young man stood tall, proud and strong and motioned to his legs - the number 11 bus!

How about you.............could a day of using the number 11 bus put you in a weight loss kinda mind?

No, you can't take Rich home with you (as some of you have hoped). But there might be an opportunity to hang with Rich in the very near future...... CLICK HERE


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