Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't eat worms or pancakes for the wrong reason

It was 6:10 AM. I was out walking the dogs. They were out for a walk – a husband and wife. I commented on how I never see them this early in the morning.

Jackie’s response, “Well you know, the early bird catches the worm.”

My response, “Well on behalf of the dogs, they advise you not to get worms.”

The three of us chuckled and Jackie responded, “Okay, we’ll have to go get pancakes” as she rubbed her hands together in one of those yum-yum gestures.

We continued on our separate ways. But it got me thinking. So I’m just going to give you some thoughts to ponder………………….

• After your exercise routine do you often reward yourself with food? What kind?
• Have you ever actually determined how many calories you burned off and how many you are about to eat?
• Are you only exercising before food events; holiday dinners, picnics, big breakfasts?

Like I said, these are just some thoughts to ponder. I know you’re smart enough to figure out what to do with them. Right? Not sure? Go look in the mirror. Your smartness will be evident (or not).


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