Saturday, August 25, 2007

What are you doing October 12th

Getting your butt on a bike I hope!

Okay, there are limited spaces remaining...........

But here is the deal.

It's a three story mansion (click here to see what it looks like) in Vermont, not far from Okemo Mountain. We'll spend three days together getting healthy and being fit. This is a guided bicycling weekend; a weekend to spend with other weight conscious people who are looking to "play" their way to a healthier and happier existence. We will ride 25 - 40 miles per on Saturday and Sunday. A shorter ride will occur on Friday for those who arrive earlier.

Did I say it’s a three story mansion (click here for another picture.)

We're gonna ride together (although I’m sure some will go off on their own – and that’s okay). There will be conversations about health, weight, changing our behaviors and so much more. There will be great food - I'm gonna cook for you! - great healthy food that is. There will be friendship. There will be tons of fun. And you're going to bond with a group of people who I am sure are going to become a new social network for you. Bottom line, we're gonna approach our weight issue from the perspective of doing something good for ourselves.

Did I say it’s a three story mansion (click here for another picture.) - with a playroom on the entire top floor.

So click on this link to read more about it.

I know you're interested. I know you have questions. Call me. Let's talk. Becasue I need to know ASAP. I've negotiated a great deal. This place normally goes for $5,000 for a weekend. But I've got to know.

Think how many times you said I wish I could take Rich home with me. Well here is probably the closest chance you're probably going to get!


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