Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Bakery. More candy. Yikes!

Took a drive to Vermont today to check out the mansion where I (and maybe you) will be staying on October 12 - 14. Have you clicked on the bicycle link on the right yet? You should. This is going to be cool.

I'll write more about the mansion tomorrow.

Anyway, my friend Jacki and I stopped at the Yankee Candle Factory Store on the way back. The smells throughout the building were heavenly; Heavenly Hash in one case!

This place is not only selling candles these days. There are opportunities to buy cake and cookies and candy and heavenly hash fudge throughout the building. Jacki commented how there were bakeries scattered throughout. She was right.

And everything looked and smelled so good. What do you do?

Very easy.

You pick up a currant plum candle and smell it. Then try to stop yourself from puking. Then you pick up jasmine green tea candle and inhale that vile smell and you're all better.

If those nasty smells don't keep you from eating I do not know what will.

Of course then you buy a cookie dough candle. They're calorie free!


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