Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Honor of Getting Fat!

Does your credit card give you points? Miles? Rewards? Are you a frequent traveler, stayer or car renter? Do you have points earned everywhere?

Years ago I remember my American Express bill arriving and inside I learned that for 25,000 points I could get Junior's Cheesecake delivered to me. Cheesecake is a favorite; Junior's is one of the Rulers of the Cheesecake Kingdom. It was tough to resist cashing in those points; after all at the time I had 200,000 points; what's 25,000.

Today I checked in to a Hilton. I gave them my Hilton Honors number. The lovely woman who registered me informed me that fresh cookies would be available at 8:00 tonight and as a Hilton Honors member I get a bottle of water and a snack; it is has already been placed in my room.

When I arrived to my room the water and snack was there; the snack was a bag of Mini Fudge Stripe Cookies.



I guess Hilton Honors you by helping you get fat and unhealthy! AARRGGHH!! Doesn't the Hilton family know that everyone is not as anorexic as their darling Ding-Dong Paris?

Anyway............... a little while ago I opened the cookies; not because I was hungry; because they were there. I ate one. I ate a second.

Not Good.

I emptied the bag in the toilet.

Next time I stay at the Marriott! And right now I'm heading out to eat a healthy dinner with someone I picked up in the lobby this afternoon. But more about that another time.


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