Monday, April 07, 2008

Did I Tell You I (may no longer) Hate The Gym?

I hate the gym!

But I've been on the road for a week; not returning for 4 more days and needed to do some exercise. So I dragged my sorry butt down to the gym this morning. I told myself I would spend 30 minutes there even if it killed me (thanks for the inspiring words Susan).

Below are the pictures; I figured this was a monumental event. Yes they are blurry, I was moving.

This is me on the stair climber. I lasted 1:47; this totally sucked; i was never so miserable in my life.

This is me on the exercise bike. I lasted 15:22; the longest 15:22 of my life; even with disco music.

Okay I'll try the DREADMILL; I lasted 13:08; the time it took me to listen to the extended 12" version of Viola Wills; "If You Could Read My Mind"

I think I made the 30 minutes; and I did three different machines. Not so bad. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow. Although my client has invited me to their Luau tonight; maybe I'll just dance.

How about you? Would breaking an exercise routine down into smaller chunks be the motivator to get you moving?


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