Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Are you looking for food or solutions?

Yesterday, all that could go wrong did..................

  • The new online printing company screwed up my order; the order that was supposed to arrive to my office yesterday was not going to; nor was I going to have it by this morning; nor could they promise delivery to my hotel by today. I needed it for a keynote tomorrow.
  • You know that little prong on your laptop; the one where you plug your electric cord in to juice the broke..............again. I am leaving today for ten days. I call the guy who fixed it the last time; the phone just kept ringing and ringing. I had my friend Michelle swing by the store (she lives nearby); they packed up and left town! (No this was not an April Fool's Day joke.) I tried one more time to call; someone picked up. Hooray!! They had moved; but Neil was there! I brought it over to him; he said he could fix it in a few days. I told him I am leaving in the morning. He said he would fix it.
  • Upon returning home from the laptop repair man; I turned on my desktop. Hard drive fried. (At least my system is backed-up online. If you're not regularly backing up, click on the following link; you'd be foolish not to and it is very inexpensive:Online Backup is Easy
  • I picked up my laptop later in the day, turned it on and it was telling me my password was wrong. I am now locked out of my own computer. I called computer man at 7:30 PM; he was still there; he was a bit befuddled; said they didn't touch anything; only changed prong. He had me log on to the guest account and start typing the alphabet. Okay, keyboard not working. I'm panicking; remember I'm leaving in the morning. He tells me to go get a small Philips heads screw driver and proceeds to walk me through fixing my laptop on the telephone.

And this has to do with what you may ask????

Okay folks, with each of these turns I found myself in the kitchen; looking for food; not looking for solutions. Then it dawned on me; I can get fat and feel horrible about my actions or I can find solutions. Yet even though I knew that, I kept going to the kitchen. You with me?

Well, to make a long story short I am picking up the cards this morning on my way out of town from a vendor I use regularly, I borrowed a friend's computer during the day yesterday and my laptop is working again. As for the's time for a new one anyway.

So from this day forth I leave you with the following...................

"Got problems? Look for solutions, not food." - Rich DiGirolamo

(feel free to pass that little quote along to the chunky ones in your life)

Oh, at the end of the day I had eaten 3 cups of New England Clam Chowder. Could have been worse; a lot worse.


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At 3:39 PM, Blogger sew said...

Ah, my baby just screamed her way through a truncated walk. She doesn't seem to like the expensive baby carrier I got so I could exercise with her. On the way home, I was thinking of chocolate. I need chocolate.

Like I need a hole in the head. I need a way to walk w/o the baby or I need a different carrier. Thanks, Rich.


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