Friday, March 21, 2008

Imagine having 200 Pounds to lose!

Imagine having over 200 pounds to lose. Imagine the excitement when you decide to finally do something about it. Imagine the health fears and concerns you have been living with for years. Imagine sitting on the sidelines watching things go by; yes your weight has inhibited you from living life.

Imagine losing your first 10 pounds. Is it a feeling of excitement or a sarcastic "big deal?"

Then you hit 25.
You're halfway there and it seems like an eternity.

Then it's 125
And now you don't see a bit of weight loss for at least a year.
You can be frustrated or thrilled that you have maintained a 150 pound weight loss for 1 year. I'll let you decide.

Then it's 160

200 is so close, yet so far away. Five years ago is just a memory - the day you started this journey.

What is possibly going through the mind of this person? I will never know. You will never know. This journey is so personal for each of us. We all act and react differently.

Joy, I will be there tomorrow morning when you get weighed in. But you should know that you're a winner whether it happens tomorrow or next week.

So for those of you reading this, on this Good Friday 2008, please start sending the love (or post a comment for Joy).

And for those of you frustrated over not being able to lose a few pounds..............

Imagine having to lose 200 pounds.

And for those of you attending this month's Dine Off The Pounds you'll get to meet Joy!


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Kris said...

I'm with Rich. Whether you hit that number or not, I hope you're holding your head high. You have so much to be proud of!! And I won't even begin to mention how much of an inspiration you've been to others, including me. YOU ROCK!!! Looking forward to finally meeting you at Tuesday's Dine Off the Pounds.


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