Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny Came!

Well the Easter Bunny showed up yesterday sometime between 2:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Yep, outside my door when I arrived home was this:

As you can see, the Easter Bunny was not thinking about my waistline; although under all the goodies I found gourmet olive oil, cooking sauces, a collector pen and some other stuff.

I LOVE EASTER! I think it is so cool that someone goes through this ritual every year for 4 or 5 of his friends; and refuses to admit that he has anything to do with it. Thanks Charlie!!

So last night I was putting some of the stuff away and making piles of other stuff to give away; because this is a catastrophic event waiting to happen. The Peeps stayed. The Cliff Bars, which I eat when cycling, stayed. The Cooking stuff stayed. The Lindt chocolates and tiramisu are going. The gourmet cookies are going.

Are you with me?

How much crap is in your house as a result of Easter? Actually, how much crap is in your house – period? What are your plans to stay in control? Start thinking about it.

Now, on a humorous note, my nieces bought me the "Big Ears" chocolate bunny because “Uncle Rich has big ears.” My sister thought it was cute. One of my nieces got the “Big Feet” chocolate bunny....................

So I asked my sister if she got “Big Ass” Chocolate Bunny?

She laughed; because if you can’t laugh at yourself………………………..


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