Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'll get back on my diet Monday

Okay it is Sunday. Perhaps you are thinking you will get back on your diet tomorrow morning. It's been a weekend of a little too much partying; perhaps a little too much leftover Easter crap.

Well here are some tips for getting back on track tomorrow; except you do them today!
  • Throw out the crap already. It just triggers you into mass chaos and hysteria
  • Plan out your meals for the next two or three days
  • Prepare your lunch for tomorrow
  • Put the gym clothes in the car; on the seat next to you instead of the trunk. Yes, I know you only too well; out of sight out of mind. No, in your case "Out of sight equals huge behind!"
  • Place some anchor on your counter to remind you that it is time to get back in control - I usually make one of my cookbooks visible.
  • Put a pitcher of water in the fridge. Drop some slices of cucumber and oranges into the water. Don't go yuk; just try it.
  • Tonight, while you're winding down, cut up those veggies that went bad while you were eating cream eggs, spray them with some olive oil; season them up and roast them. You're set for the week!
  • Send an email out to your entire address book that you are getting back in control tomorrow morning and please ask for their love, support and good wishes. (Hey, I'd rather receive that from you than one of those I-will-die-if-I-don't-forward-this-to-600,000-of-my-closest-friend-chain-letters)
  • Figure out how you're going to ease back into your diet. Going from drinking and candy and high fat meals to salad and bran turds is the reason so many have failed in the first place
  • And finally................embrace tomorrow about the possibilities and results; not an attitude of "oh well, time to get back on the diet!

Now go get Skinny, Healthy and Happy!

And speaking of tips................... Here's 250 Tips for a better life put together by me and a few of my friends


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