Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're Not a Screw-Up

My friend is going through a breakup. Well actually they have broken up; now the sorrow is occurring. I might add that from the stories she shared with me, she is a gazillion times better off without this controlling loser.

Well the other day I reminded her that “Today was one more day you were not told you were a screw-up” (screw-up has been replaced for the real phrase; and yes that is what the controlling loser was calling her). We laughed. For the past few days I have been sending her text messages telling her she is not a “screw-up”.

I don’t know about the rest of you but every day I make some better choices; every day I move a bit more; every day I take small steps towards better health is a good day as far as I am concerned. Every day I have an opportunity to make it the best day I possibly can. Some days I screw up and some days I am successful. There is always tomorrow. And with each tomorrow I can build on the successes of the day before.

When I ride my bike I keep my eyes just ahead of me; to make sure I don’t ride over any foreign objects, potholes, small children or worms. I’m not looking ahead into the distance to see how far I need to ride to reach my destination. But with each little bit of road I ride over, I move further away from my starting point and closer to my destination. With each small step you move further away from being fat and unhealthy and closer to being healthy and happy.

You’re not a screw-up when you don’t live up to expectations – be they your own or someone else’s; and as you continue to build upon, take note of, and celebrate all the small successes occurring in your life, you will realize that.

Now go get Skinny!

And the verdict is in......................the table setup at Tuesday Night's Dine Off The Pounds was the key to another successful evening. I'll be working with Juniper's to keep it that way. See you at the next one on April 29th.


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