Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you checked out the guy next door?

Today is the day to compare yourself with others.

Look at people around you....................
  • Are they younger than you?
  • Older than you?
  • Are they fatter than you?
  • Skinnier than you?
  • Are they healthier than you?
  • Sicker than you?
  • Do they have trouble walking?
  • Do they drive their cars even the shortest of distances?
  • Do they have back pain? Knee pain?
  • Do you ever see them out participating in physical activity?
  • What do you know about their eating habits?
  • Do they just sit around on these summer days snacking on foods that end in "o's"?
  • Can you name four not so good foods that end in "o's"?
  • Have they ever made comments about your commitment to health and weight loss?
  • Are they afraid to take their shirt off in public? Are you?

You can learn a lot about yourself by checking out others - especially in these summer months. So, check out the guy or girl next door regularly.

Are you feeling better about yourself?

If not, is he or she at least hot looking?

If not, remember, they just might be viewing this blog too! Don't let them win.

But all kidding aside, I know people ten and fifteen years younger than me who look like and feel like crap. Now I'm no god, and there's always room for improvement, but it makes you wonder...........


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