Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School; Back to Dieting

Well around these here parts schools resume for a new year later this week.

I remember the excitement of new clothes and new school supplies. The clothes were usually fall outfits. It was typically still ninety degrees when school started. You couldn't wait for the day it was in the sixties. Excitement was in the air. The school supplies were new for about a week; then we slowly remembered that we had 175 days of the same old drudgery of being in school. Maybe we should have been given a mid-year school supply list? A 30 or 60 day list?

But I do remember the excitement; the anticipation. I know a lot of you reading this are getting your kids prepared for back to school. Perhaps it is also time for you to get prepared for back to dieting?

  • Is a new outfit in your future?
  • Maybe you need a new cookbook?
  • What supplies/kitchen tools might need to be replaced or purchased?
  • Do those vegetables in the garden need to be picked, packed and frozen?
  • Should you be thinking about attending the “Retreat From Your Weight Loss” weekend to ensure you keep the excitement level high. Register today! You know you want to. Just do it.
  • Is it time to get back to your weight loss support group?
  • Is it time to try a new approach to weight loss?

Yep, it’s back to school time. For most. (Some school districts are year round)

Yep, it’s back to dieting time. For most. (Some never stopped being weight conscious)

But here is my question for you............

What are you going to do today to ensure your weight loss efforts are still exciting in 30,60, 90, or 180 days. Or will this be another year you drop out of dieting?

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At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My back to school/back to dieting pledge is to listen to your "Yes, you're fat, I like you anyway" CDs again, as well as to actually open up some of the cookbooks that have been collecting dust on my kitchen shelf. And I don't even have to go "back to school" shopping to accomplish these!


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